PE Shopping Bag

PE Shopping Bag help you to keep your clothes clean and unwrinkled so you can spend time relaxing not ironing! our garment bags are designed to keep your clothing, suits, dresses, or gowns neat and wrinkle-free. Great for storage or travel convenient window makes it easy to keep track of different garments during travel and for easy unpacking. The fold-in-half snap closure minimizes creases (to use the snaps, fold the bottom corners over slightly so they snap shut, see product picture) and the handles on either end make for an easy transport extra-long garment bags to accommodate your entire wardrobe whether ties, suits or even long overcoats, almost all mentsyour clothing will definitely fit into these 55 inch long garment bags easy to store after use very flexible material can be rolled up or folded to be stored away when not in use one garment bag is never enough! this set contains 3 extra-long garment bags to accommodate all of your clothing travel and storage needs.